Ordering from Whisked and Ready


Your delicious order is delivered either fresh or frozen.  Most fresh items can be frozen at home if you need. Instructions on re-heating are included on each container.  We may have a slight few items that need to be cooked and that will clearly be described on the site as well as the container.

We source our ingredients from a variety of suppliers ensuring the highest quality for  your food. In addition, we strive to purchase locally, cutting down on the footprint your food has to travel. In our item descriptions we will call out any special local ingredients as we're proud of our Southern goods!

We do not have a dedicated allergen-free work space and, therefore, cannot guarantee your dish has not come into contact with specific ingredients.



Our delivery zone includes Franklin, Brentwood and most parts of Nashville.  We currently don't have the delivery staff for the following zip codes, but hope to soon: 37072, 37075, 37122, 37138, 37155, 37076, 37167, 37267, 37086, 37013, 37217, 37189, 37207,  Pickup is at our commercial kitchen location, Citizen's Kitchen, located at 4611 Alabama Ave., on Tuesdays from 3:00-4:30pm.

Delivery is a flat fee of $7.00 and includes your first insulated tote.  On any subsequent deliveries, simply leave your tote on our doorstep or other location with ice packs, and we will fill 'er up!