Who's Whisking?

Hi, I'm Jen!


As a previous contest cook including the competitive cooking show, Supermarket Superstar, I started Whisked And Ready at the start of 2017 to bring a personal, customized touch to private chef work and catering. Due to being a native Californian who also enjoyed the New England culture for a spell, the food we provide is ultra high quality with killer flavor. Ethnic flavors are our jam, but traditional dishes never disappoint either! We love to personalize our dishes to our clients' needs and can adapt your favorites, or ours, to any nutritional or allergen requirements.
We can set you up with personalized meals, take care of your 53 person event, cook for your party of four at your home with a server and bartender and everything in between! People ask me what I love most about this business and, hands down, it's seeing the relief my clients have that the food taken care of in the most delicious way possible. We look forward to whisking something scrumptious up for you!